SadeRenee Wutz Hood Radio Executive Director

Biography: TheSadeRenee

SadeRenee™ the Nigerian-American born Princess from the Great State of Texas has taken the last 20 years to develop her brand in business, professionalism and as a Mentor. As a Kidprenuer, her business acumen began to take on a life of its own causing her to be an early graduate entering into The University of Texas at Arlington. Shortly after earning a B.A. in Communications, her Mother was diagnosed with cancer. This forced her to revisit a previous idea and a new movement in her business career grew from a personal storm. Through the pain of such news and years of support for her mother, her never-been-done before Luxury Company was birthed. America’s top Luxury Brow Brand, Le’Xaria Co. provides celebrities, hair-loss victims, and the beauty industry with 100% human hair Luxury Lace Brows and other Luxury products. SadeRenee is also the Owner multiple businesses including one of her first ventures PinkDot Life Services, a professional luxury custom cleaning and catering company based in Ft. Worth, TX. Companies, organizations and individuals are placing orders left & right for her witty food inventions and combinations which are a social media craze. In addition she owns a fabric and textile company based out of Nigeria. The expansion of her brand has now stemmed into her consciousness leading her to become a serial entrepreneur with 7 businesses currently under her belt. As a serial entrepreneur she has tapped into markets such as cosmetics, fashion, food, music and entertainment. SadeRenee is also a songwriter who has been writing for many years and plans to continue her passion while working with multiple artists. Other roles she has taken on in the entertainment industry are consultant, visionary and producer. She has worked with many talented artists from upcoming unsigned artist to A-listers. She is passionate about awakening the minds of those needing guidance in life, and she is determined to do this using her connections in the “business”.

This mogul, mentor and model is also the creator of the #SageThatShit™ |Black.BEaUtiful.Balanced Tour™ Movements. Focusing on bonding, brainstorming and building with women throughout the country. SadeRenee is offering education on self-love, spirituality and financial security. Currently a social media influencer managing over 50 accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook, the Princess plans to continue to expand her talents using her abilities and skills to close bigger business deals through strategic partnerships and sponsorships for her clients. Amongst the things on the list are Intercontinental Tours for independent Artists. Having previously done some A&R work and with the advice from her notable Mentors, SadeRenee manifested a top position at the Award Winning Station, Wutz Hood Radio. SadeRenee is now the Executive Direction of the top Urban, Hip Hop/R&B online station that streams to over 43 Million listeners. With in an 18 month time frame, this Guru has reached of over 3 Million people alone using her social media skills. With all of her partnerships and relationships, the reach is now close to 60 million worldwide. She plans to take her experiences in this journey to inspire and motivate. Her journey can be followed on any of the social media links listed below.

Le’Xaria Inc.:
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Black.BEaUtiful.Balanced Tour™
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Le’Xaria, LLC”

“My Motivation is to Inspire women to create HERstory” -TheSadeRenee™; 2017


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